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Collision Conference Attendees List 2024

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17th Jun – 20th Jun 2024



Enercare Centre, Toronto


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Collision Conference Attendees Email List 2024

Collision Conference will be held from 17th June – 20th June 2024 in Enercare Centre, Toronto.

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The Collision Conference 2024 is a significant event for the tech and innovation sector, acting as an essential meeting point for individuals engaged in creating and evolving new technologies. Situated in the tech-centric city of Toronto, Ontario, it draws in global experts, business owners, financiers, and tech aficionados. The meeting houses a substantial exhibition area, demonstrating the newest technologies, inventive products, and services that are steering the course of the technology industry’s future.

The Collision Conference 2024 features a wide variety of products and innovations leading the technology and innovation sector. The event includes everything from revolutionary software and mobile apps to state-of-the-art hardware and gadgets, providing an extensive overview of recent progress in the technology realm. 

Participants will also display advanced materials, production machinery, and packaging innovations, which play a crucial role in the creation and manufacturing of technological products.

The Collision Conference 2024 prides itself on a varied assembly of inventive products, technologies, and solutions that are influencing evolution in the tech and innovation sphere. Sync with industry professionals with our Collision Conference Attendees List 2024!

Collision Conference Attendees List 2024

Collision Conference 2024 is recognized as a leading gathering for the technology and innovation community, bringing together prominent experts from across the globe. Engage with top-tier peers with our Collision Conference Attendees List 2024!

Collision Conference Attendees List 2024

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Key Attendees Of The Event

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Xanadu Quantum Technologies Inc. is a Canadian quantum technology company, and one of the world's leading photonic quantum... hardware providers. Founded in 2016, Xanadu's mission is to build quantum computers that are useful and available to people everywhere. To achieve this mission, the company has taken a full-stack approach and builds hardware, software, and pursues state-of-the-art research with select partners. Today, enterprises and researchers can begin using Xanadu's photonic quantum computers through the Xanadu Quantum Cloud (XQC) service and Strawberry Fields application library. Read More

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Frequently Asked Questions

What opportunities does Collision Conference 2024 offer?

Collision Conference 2024 presents a bountiful array of opportunities for its attendees. This spans from facilitating networking among tech leaders, entrepreneurs, investors, and professionals, to providing a platform for startups to pitch their ideas to potential investors and gain industry exposure. Investors also benefit from dedicated tracks connecting them to promising startups and tech innovators. All the while, Collision stays committed to supporting diversity in tech through initiatives like the “women in tech” program and the Indigenous Attendee Program, all aimed at fostering inclusivity alongside progress.

Can I access specific information about attendees using attendees email list?

Yes, our attendees lists include detailed information such as company profiles, contact details, name, email, and more, allowing you to gain insights into each attendee’s offerings and tailor your engagement accordingly.

Which industries are covered within the events attendees data?

Our dataset extends across numerous sectors, encompassing technology, finance, healthcare, marketing, and beyond. Our goal is to encompass a broad spectrum, catering to diverse business requirements.

How often do you refresh your database?

We consistently update our database at regular intervals, ensuring accuracy and relevance. This includes frequent reviews and updates of event attendees details and attendee information, ensuring the provision of the most up-to-date insights.

What are the benefits of exhibiting at the Collision Conference 2024?

Exhibiting at the Collision Conference 2024 offers a wide array of benefits that can significantly impact companies and startups in the tech industry. One of the key advantages is the ability to reach a global audience. The event is known for its extensive media coverage from top-tier publications such as Bloomberg, Financial Times, Forbes, CNN Business, CNBC, and the Wall Street Journal. This exposure can be instrumental in generating buzz and elevating a company’s profile on an international stage.

How do we guarantee that the event details cater to your business needs?

Our specialized team diligently organizes events by industry, location, and pertinence. By thoroughly examining your business profile, we tailor event specifics to match your unique goals and preferences.

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Collision Conference Attendees List 2024

Total Attendees – 500


500 in stock


Free sample data available


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