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Exhibitors Data FAQs
What is the exhibitors data?

Event exhibitors data is a collection of information on exhibitors at global events. It contains email addresses, company names, phone numbers, and social media handles of exhibitors from industries all around the world. The event exhibitor database will help you target your audience and result in more traffic, leads, and business.

What data do you offer?

Exhibitors Data compiles exclusive event details, offering accurate and up-to-date information. Our lists include event names, dates, locations, organizers, and contact information, categorized by event type. Tailored to specific requirements, our structured lists are valuable resources for conferences, trade shows, seminars, and more.

What kind of fields are provided?

Exhibitors Data offers comprehensive event information, including Company name, Website, Description, Actual Employee Size, HQ Address, HQ City, HQ State, HQ Zip, HQ Country, Booth Number, as well as contact details like First Name, Last Name, Title, Email, and Linkedin URL. Our detailed and customizable lists cater to diverse client needs across various industries and interests.

How fresh is your data?

We consistently update our database at regular intervals, ensuring accuracy and relevance. This includes frequent reviews and updates of event details and attendee information, ensuring the provision of the most up-to-date insights.

How to validate the quality of data?

Exhibitors Data employs a robust validation process, combining manual verification and automated checks for every email and associated detail. Our dual-validation approach guarantees accurate, up-to-date information, meeting the precise needs of our clients with confidence.

What data delivery options/formats?

We offer versatile data delivery options, including CSV, Google Sheets, Excel, and PDF formats. We tailor the delivery to meet client preferences, ensuring flexibility and convenience in accessing the information they need.

Is there a minimum quantity or time commitment?

Yes, as per our policy, there is a minimum requirement of 1000 records for data requests. Additionally, we have a minimum turnaround time commitment of 3 working days to ensure the accuracy and thoroughness of the information provided to our clients.

How can I test your data before committing?

To test our data quality, you can download a sample from our website at This allows you to assess the accuracy and relevance of our information before making any commitment, ensuring your confidence in the value of our services.

What security and compliance measures do you have in place?

At Exhibitors Data, we prioritize robust security and compliance. We maintain strict data confidentiality, utilize secure communication channels, and establish clear contractual agreements. Internal access controls limit data access to authorized personnel, and regular project updates promptly address any security concerns. Adherence to data protection laws is integral, and our Project Commencement phase includes presenting a task portion for approval, ensuring both quality assurance and alignment with your expectations.

How much sample data do you provide for the preliminary test?

For the preliminary test, we offer 5 records of sample data. This allows you to evaluate the quality and suitability of our information for your needs before making any commitments.

Are you compliant with GDPR, CCPA and other related data protection regulations?

We understand the importance of adhering to regional and industry-specific data protection regulations. Keeping specific requirements in mind, we implement measures prescribed by the relevant regulatory bodies to ensure compliance with relevant standards during our service engagement.

Can the B2B data provider offer other services such as data analysis, cleansing and optimizing your current database?

In addition to B2B data, we provide a range of services including CRM cleaning, data appending, data analytics, web data scraping, and more. For detailed information contact us at


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