Technology is the modern world’s very own King Midas. Everything it touches turns into gold.  The world of events and trade shows has been no exception to it.  Trade shows have become hybrid, and booth designs are more interactive. You can attend the trade shows and speak remotely at an event without being there. Businesses can work the exhibitors list and make their attendance at an event worth their while by elevating their networking efforts.

However, as it goes with the Midas touch, technology comes with its baggage – the upkeep of it all. Data is good to have. But what do we do with the enormous event data? Data that is relevant and can actually lead to answers is like finding needles in a haystack. Whether a trade show is small or large, regional or international, leveraging and managing the exhibitors database to maximize your ROI and close more sales is the real deal and, most of the time, quite cumbersome. Challenges are manifold when a business has limited resources and no proper training to understand what to make with their events data.

Well, enough with the bad news. Now, on to some good ones.

Companies can now get exhibitors data captured and in a well-documented format delivered to their inboxes. They can unlock the huge treasure trove of potential network opportunities and drive optimized lead generation efforts in a few clicks.  It is a valuable resource for market forecasting, especially for the B2B segment.

Since Marketing is a cost center for businesses and utilizes over 9.5 percent of a company’s entire budget, it is important that it is spent judiciously and that market forecasting helps businesses do that. It lets the teams know which campaigns will be a hit and yield maximum ROI using data analysis.


How to put the exhibitors database to work?


By analyzing the exhibitors data, sales and marketing teams can plan their campaigns to be more engaging and innovative. The exhibitors database comprises exhibitors’ profiles, industry-wise and trade-show-wise segregation yearly.

The exhibitors database helps businesses to gain strategic advantage and get market forecasting right. In simpler terms, it lets businesses and companies:


Understand the market and industry:


Understand the Market and Industry


An expo list is much more than just a trade show email list of attendees and exhibitors. It is tailor-made for businesses with geographical and demographical characteristics, letting the sales team and decision-makers understand the buying pattern and behavior. It helps companies find out the products or services showcased at an event and how much footfall a stall or booth received. Was it because the product was innovative or affordably priced? If so, how can a business fare better in that department? Did a trade show clock more attendance than last year for a particular segment? All these indicators can help a business identify upcoming opportunities and map out a strategy that aligns with the current sentiments.

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Understand the competition:

Knowing your customers is the key to success in the market, but identifying, outsmarting, and dominating your competition is a strategic gift that keeps on giving. An exhibitors database compiles and consolidates information on the trade shows, and a business can glean the data to know if its competition is holding up.  Is a competing business showcasing a new product, or is it conspicuously missing from a big event? Did it get too many visitors on Day 2 because of a speaker event?  How much did it spend on the booth? This would indicate that the leadership has increased its marketing budget, which happens when a business aggressively wants to expand and acquire more customers. This comprehensive market analysis of competition can bring clarity to the competitive landscape of a business.


Predict future demand and trends:

A business’s success depends on a lot of factors, including analyzing the market demand in the years to come. Do the products or services sell better when they are sold in person than in an online model? Is a hero product in your catalogue no longer relevant?

For instance, online-first businesses had to launch their physical stores because they didn’t want to miss out on a major chunk of retail customers who prefer to buy offline. Similarly, in this bid to chase growth, D2C brands are opting for hybrid models, and new businesses are altogether opting for an offline model, considering the substantial operating costs of an online business. If you are a B2B segment, would it make sense to opt for alternate routes if you are interested? A conference exhibitors list enables businesses to make such decisions in time to cash in on future trends, understand market dynamics better, and get the first-mover advantage.


Know customers and their requirements:


Know customers and their requirements


A conference exhibitors list can offer invaluable insights into the ever-changing expectations of customers. While intangible aspects, such as interest in your products or services, can’t be measured, it can definitely record the footfall and attendees’ contact, letting a business reach out to them for a survey or test marketing.


Know where the customers are:


Demography and geography are the critical aspects of exhibitors data. A business can formulate growth strategies for different markets. If an international business wants to collaborate with a regional business or a regional business wants to expand its reach to another province, this is the data to look out for.  With zip codes, industry types, and email lists, it takes the guesswork out of the window and lets the business gauge customer sentiment.  Besides, test marketing is always a way to launch new products and measure customer response.


Grab potential business opportunities:


Be it quantitative or qualitative, market forecasting with an exhibitors list is a way to position businesses for success at a fraction of the price. The consolidated efforts to reach out to a segment of potential network that is more likely to do business and is looking for your products/services will be more fruitful and conducive to a sales team rather than casting a wide net. You can collaborate with key players that align with your interests. Over 68% of exhibitors attend trade shows for lead generation, and an expo list helps businesses achieve it in a robust manner by eliminating weak data.


Improved risk management:


An exhibitors database provides in-depth insights into future market trends. While it is understandable that a forecast can’t always be 100% right and is more accurate for shorter periods, it facilitates informed decision-making and, hence, effective risk management.


Targeted marketing efforts:


Contextualising the exhibitors data can help businesses with razor-sharp insights. They can base their email marketing and sales efforts on this knowledge, leading to more sales and reach. Since these lists are verified and up-to-date, a business’s email marketing campaigns don’t go in vain, and emails are sent only to engaged users. Companies can also identify the marketing channels that promise better customer acquisition and conversion rates for their business.


Enhanced sales efforts:


Enhanced sales efforts


A sales team is the star of the show. A trade show email list offers information that can be used to book an in-person appointment with high-value prospects much before a trade show.

High-quality event data is the foundation of a winning business strategy. By determining the aspects of market forecasting, a business can make the most out of exhibitors data.

Apart from market forecasting, the exhibitors database simplifies the most basic yet elaborate issues for the businesses, which are:



Issues for the businesses


  • Data capturing: Businesses don’t have the technical acumen or human expertise to sift through trade shows data, which can be overwhelming. Market forecasting for an industry vertical requires an extensive pool of data, and it isn’t easy to gather and analyze manually. In contrast, even a basic trade show email list captures data like demographics and attendance for each day at a granular level and presents it in an easy-to-understand format. Regardless of the industry vertical and scale of operations, it is a great leveler that businesses can use to outsmart the competition, get the market right, and enhance customer satisfaction.


  • Data customization: Whether a business operates in the pharmaceutical vertical or automobile, F&B, or FMCG, a conference list can be highly customized to its requirements to address the pain points or growth strategy.


  • Data integration: Gathering data from different sources and disparate verticals is easy. However, narrowing it down to make it make sense and integrating it with the CRM for a unified view of business analysis isn’t so. Exhibitors data can be optimized and tailored data segment-wise, industry-wise, and company-wise.


  • Data implementation: Businesses’ biggest issue is not the data. It is the utilization and implementation of it. They might be sitting on a gold mine and have no idea. A trade show email list translates it into actionable insights to help businesses make informed decision-making and handle market shifts better and in a prepared manner.  This data, in the form of a closed-loop and targeted exhibitors list, becomes powerful and doubles up as a strategic advantage.


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Using exhibitors database for market prediction for small businesses


The predictive analysis of exbihitors data isn’t limited to big businesses, or medium-scale enterprises. It plays a crucial role in the success of small businesses. Small businesses can’t spend as much on marketing or event budgets as big players. However, they can harness the power of the exhibitors database to expand their reach and elevate their networking efforts. Such databases are especially significant in their growth journey since they don’t have the resources, workforce or budgets to attend every trade show under the sun.

With a conference exhibitors list, they can gauge market dynamics better and enjoy the targeted approach for lead generation. Numbers for footfall, press coverage and engagement give them visibility into trade shows worth a dime.


How does Exhibitors Data come into the picture?

However, for an accurate and reliable market forecast for a business, it is important that the exhibitors data come from reliable sources. Exhibitors Data helps businesses drive their market forecasting efforts with comprehensive data captured through multiple touchpoints. Access customized trade show email list for key KPIs and enhance sales pipeline.

Exhibitors Data offers insights-as-a-service for businesses to use data as knowledge and a powerhouse of actionable information. Coupled with machine learning models, data analytics, and data scraping abilities, the database stays marketing effective.


Why Exhibitors Data?


Apart from gathering worldwide data on trade shows, expos, and exhibitions, the data is run, processed, and sorted through engines to weed out fake, unverified, and irrelevant events.

Events that primarily run on sponsorship and have no credibility are weeded out to enhance the accuracy of data. The data is scanned for duplicates and standardized for a manual check. Manual intervention is for cross-checking and re-verifying the data per the original request.

Businesses can access exhibitors list in a CSV format for the desired event KPIs. It is instantly downloadable and can be integrated with existing CRM, simplifying lead generation and tracking.  However, for a successful market forecasting and lead generation strategy, it is recommended that companies rely on new exhibitors data every year.


If you are looking for high-quality and targeted exhibitors data that doesn’t follow a one-size-fits-all approach and is tailor-made for your business vertical, you are in the right place.  Contact the team now for a demo call.


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